Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fair and Square I Spy Quilt

This I Spy quilt is based on Amanda Jean's Fair and Square quilt pattern
There are thirty-three blocks on the front of the quilt,

and an additional six squares on the back.

The I Spy fabric used for the center of the block measures 5" square.
Various colors were used to frame each I Spy fabric and add interest 
to the overall design.

I opted to alter the pattern and cut the sashing 2.5" wide.

Here is a peak at my favorite block from this quilt. 
I was visiting my mother and she happened to be sorting through a box of fabric. 
I recognized some flannel fabric she had used to make
 my brother pajamas...over 40 years ago!
I told my mother I absolutely had to have a square of the fabric for this quilt 
since it was made for my brother's grandson. 
My brother and his family had a good laugh about the antique I Spy fabric,
and I'm happy to say his grandson loved the quilt:)

May you always Sew In Peace!


  1. What a fun quilt and how special to have a piece of the "special" fabric included.

  2. What an absolutely wonderful turn of events that you were able to put an "antique" piece of fabric from family memories into this quilt! I love how you pieced it all together.

    I'm so glad to see you, after some time away from blogland. =)


  3. What a lovely quilt, and great that you were able to put that extra bit of fabric in.


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