Saturday, July 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning Continued...

It was another month of focusing on Spring cleaning 
at our April Sew*Quilt*Share meeting.
In addition to trying to sew up all the kits we have on hand, 
we tested out a new table set up that I would like to share.
In the past we simply put two lines of tables down
 the center of our long, narrow room.  
However it was time consuming to walk 
all the way around the tables 
and hey...
we need to make the most of our time! lol

This is the table arrangement we came up with.
By setting the tables in this pattern, it creates a workspace
to the left of each sewing machine. It also enables 
those sewing to easily communicate with each other.

Extension cords were taped down under the tables to
prevent potential safety issues.

Irons, ironing boards, and cutting tables were located 
around the perimeter of the room making it easier
for a large number of people to move throughout the area.
Hopefully this arrangement will enable our group 
to make the most of our time and allow us to be more intimately connected:) 

So let's check out those projects!

Some projects were in the planning stages.

Some projects were well on their way...

...and some projects were almost completed!

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May you always Sew in Peace!

Spring Cleaning

This month the ladies of Sew*Quilt*Share focused on Spring Cleaning.
Well, not "cleaning" in the traditional sense of the word. 
The goal of this meeting was to complete all the projects
 that have already been started. 
Here is a glimpse of how things went.

There is no set deadline,
 so each month there are 
a variety of quilts in different stages of completion.

Nice job ladies!

In an attempt to make our meeting room more intimate for fellowship,
a new layout was tested.
We are hoping to come up with a table arrangement that will make it easy to 
communicate while still providing enough workspace for each person.

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May you always Sew in Peace!

Ohio Stars

The Sew*Quilt*Share ladies began the year by sewing stars.
Ohio Stars that is!
The Ohio Star is a classic pattern known to quilters 
and this sixteen block quilt sews together quickly making
it a speedy little baby quilt.

Finished size of quilt: 37"x 37" square

By using four solid blocks in the corners, 
a star can be made using the Sweet Sixteen Pattern found here
If you decide to make this quilt, please note that the four corner blocks 
used to form the Ohio Star pattern need to be cut to 9 1/2" to equal the size 
of the other blocks in the Sweet Sixteen instructions.

Once you decide on a layout, the blocks can be quickly sewn together.
Simple straight line quilting finishes this quilt nicely.

These are a few of the Ohio Star quilts completed this month.
Beautiful job ladies!

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May you always Sew in Peace!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Strippy Flannel Baby Quilt

The ladies of Sew*Quilt*Share met recently and stitched up a stack of 
"Strippy Flannel Baby Quilts".
These quilts wash up so soft and cuddly!
If you like to make one of your own, click on this link to download the pattern
and follow the steps outlined below.

To begin this project, you will need seven different fabrics
each cut into strips.

Fabric "sandwiches" are made by layering the strips of flannel.

Sandwiches are "quilted" by sewing a line down the middle of each strip.

Arrange the strips in a pattern that makes you happy:)

Sew the sandwiches together using a 1/2" seam allowance, 
making sure to backstitch! It will be helpful to use a walking foot for this step.


Now it's time to trim off those selvedges!

At this point the quilt is ready to be finished. It can be bound
 like a traditional quilt, or you can choose to snip it.

Snipping requires a good sharp scissors.
The scissors in the photo are made by Fiskars.
It features a spring action release and is designed
to make snipping rag quilts easier.

When snipping the layers, be careful to cut up to the seam but NOT through it.

Once the quilt is snipped, you will want to wash and dry it,
creating a lovely flannel blanket.

Special thanks to Sue for writing up this pattern for us!

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You can find free patterns for most of the quilts along the sidebar to your right.

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May you always Sew in Peace!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Unexpected Blessings

An unexpected blessing can touch our lives in many ways. 
Sometimes it can be spoken as a word of encouragement,
and sometimes it can arrive in a box!

Several years ago the Sew*Quilt*Share ministry at our church 
learned that girls in many third would countries miss a week of
school each month because they lack access to feminine hygiene products.
By using handmade cloth feminine pads that are both washable and re-usable, 
these girls have the opportunity to continue attending school. 
The reality of their situation is that an education is one of the few hopes 
these girls have to rise above extreme poverty.

Back in August of 2013, a cloth feminine pad tutorial was posted on 
this blog with hopes of easily sharing the pattern with women who sew in my community.
To help spread the word a photo was also posted to Pinterest.
By posting this information on the internet, 
would others in the online community be inspired to sew as well? 

Much to my surprise there have been thousands of hits to that tutorial 
including many questions and comments from readers, but no real evidence of results. 

And happened!

God began to stir in the hearts of those who sew and "unexpected blessings" began to arrive!

Kathy who blogs at "Household How To" recently sent these lovely pads.
She has been making pads for years and has posted a tutorial
which includes sewings tips you may find helpful.

Great minds must think alike. This package arrived at the church 
on the same day our Sew*Quilt*Share group met to sew pads! 
It was sent by Molly who lives in California!

These colorful pads were sent by Melissa from South Dakota. 
She included a lovely hand written note:)

Brigitte and her "Sit & Sew"group made these lovely pads.
There was much excitement when we noticed the package
 had came all the way from Australia! 

Victoriana from Nevada, and her church sewing class 
sent a total of 200 pads! Thank you for your generosity!

A total of 69 pads arrived from the Smith's in Saint Paul, MN. 
Thank  you!

These beautiful pads were sent to us by Annette in Arkansas.
Don't you just love those rich colors?

This box filled with 167 pads recently arrived from Michigan! 
Enclosed was a letter from seventeen year old Christina, 
Along with the assistance of her sewing mentor Ilene, Christina 
inspired fellow members of the Taylor Downriver Neighborhood Group 
to sew cloth feminine pads as a service project. Thank you ladies!

Casey from Alabama sent a box of pads which included
this heartfelt inspirational note. Blessings to you Casey!
If you cannot read the note, 
please click on the photo to enlarge it.

Donna and Debbie, a mother and daughter from Pennsylvania 
sent these pads made from a variety of pretty fabrics. 

A box recently arrived from Erie, Colorado with 41 pads made
from beautifully coordinated fabrics. There was no
card enclosed or name on the return address. 
Thank you for your kindness! 

Edith in Louisiana sent these lovely pads. She also
enclosed a heartwarming handwritten note:)

Natalie, who attends college in Michigan, recently sent a box of pads
that she made over Christmas break. I received an email from Natalie in which she said, 
"I was so struck by the fact that these girls have to miss school 
because of a natural bodily function - and that there was a way to help them.
I hope I can make a difference for these girls!"

Once she returned to school, Natalie inspired fellow college students 
along with members of the "Tidings of Comfort" quilt club at College Baptist Church to sew pads. 
This box contained 200 pads! 

Imagine our surprise when less than a week later a second box arrived
from College Baptist Church containing an additional 313 pads! 

Our deepest thanks to all who sent an "unexpected blessing"! 

Would you consider sewing 10 (or more) cloth feminine pads to sponsor a girl?
Your gift of fabric and time will make a significant difference in the life
of a young girl in Haiti. 

Please visit these links to learn more : 

May you always Sew in Peace!