Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Beni Bag Tutorial

I'm so excited to share with you our latest ministry pattern...the Beni Bag!!
"Beni Bag" originates from the phrase "ti sak beni" from the Creole language. 
Translated to English the phrase means "small bag of blessings". 
Yes! We agree! 
This is indeed a small bag of blessings!

For the past five years, Sew Quilt Share, has been sewing Feminine Hygiene Kits 
for school girls in Haiti. 
Why you may ask would anyone do this? 
Honestly, our hearts were greatly moved 
when we discovered that each month girls in many third world countries 
miss a week of school because they lack access to feminine hygiene products. 
Washable, reusable cloth feminine pads offer these students
the opportunity to remain in school where they can learn and grow. 
A quality education is one of the few hopes many of these students have 
to climb out of extreme poverty.

The kits are distributed by Mission Possible, with headquarters located in Findlay, Ohio. 
Click here to read more about their outreach to the precious young women of Haiti. 


Each Feminine Hygiene Kit contains:
12 cloth feminine pads 
3 pair of cotton size 12-14 underwear (Hipster style)
2 bars of Ivory soap
100 ibuprofen tablets
5 safety pins

Your response to the Cloth Feminine Pad Tutorial posted several years ago 
has been far beyond anything we could have imagined! 
Cloth feminine pad donations from readers like you 
has enabled Mission Possible to bless over 500 students 
in the rural areas of Haiti this past year! 


Many readers have asked for an approved pattern to further assist in this outreach
which has led to the creation of...
the Beni Bag! 

The Beni Bag is a lightweight, waterproof bag that can be used 
to carry these personal hygiene items to school. 
In addition to being useful...it's also pretty! 
Because we all like pretty don't we?

The pattern includes instructions for three basic styles...

Option 1: The bag is made with one fabric.

Option 2: The bag is made with two fabrics.

Option 3: The bag is made with two or more fabrics.

The sewing instructions for all three options are very similar. 
The main difference is the number of coordinating fabrics 
you choose to use for the base of the bag. 
This makes it a perfect project to use up those pretty fabric scraps you may have on hand!
One yard of fabric will make 3 bags.

Click here to download the tutorial

Click here to download the sewing instructions


Please avoid fabrics that contain a red, white, or pastel background.
Please avoid using fabrics that contain images of animals or people.
Please avoid using dark, masculine fabrics. The prettier the better!

If you would like to partner with us in this effort 
to bless the precious young women of Haiti
completed bags can be mailed to:

Sew Quilt Share
c/o Gateway Church
9555 County Road 9
Findlay, OH 45840

Please email me privately at sandra.sewinpeace@blogspot.com
for our Canadian shipping address.

Visit these links to learn more:
Cloth Feminine Pad Tutorial

May you always Sew in Peace!



  1. I would love to help by sewing some Beni Bags, I have quite a bit of quilting material that would be appropriate for teen girls however it is not waterproof. Are you only accepting waterproof bags at this time?

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  3. Are you still accepting donations of these bags? Also why not red,white or pastel? Is it a washing issue or a cultural thing? In your picture you have a blue bag that I would consider "pastel" so I'm confused about the restrictions. I just don't want to send something wrong.


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