Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Modern I Spy Tutorial

How about a modern I Spy quilt?

This pattern uses a total of  51- 5" I Spy squares in the following colors:

                                                        Red - 9
                                                        Orange -8
                                                        Yellow - 8
                                                        Green - 9
                                                        Blue - 9
                                                        Indigo/Violet - 8

All seams are sewn with a 1/4" seam allowance.

The quilt is made up of two different blocks labeled here as Block "A" and Block "B".
You will need three blocks of Block A and three of Block B.

Block A

To make Block A you will need:

                                                   9 -  I Spy squares cut 5"x5"
                                                   8 -  pastel fabric squares cut 5"x5'
                                                   4 -  print fabric strips cut 5"x 9 1/4"

The corner units of this block are a basic 4 patch.

The 4 patch blocks are connected with the print fabric
and then sewn together as rows to complete Block A.
Finished block measures 22 1/2" square.

Finish three Block A units.

Block B

To make Block B you will need:

                                                   8 -  I Spy squares cut 5"x5"
                                                   5 -  pastel fabric squares cut 5"x5'
                                                   4 -  print fabric strips cut 5"x 13 1/2"

The center of Block B is a basic 9-patch surrounded by 
four pieced border units.

To attach the border units lay the first one on top of the 9 patch block.
Sew the seam....EXCEPT for the final 1/4".
Notice just below the bottom pin there is a pencil mark 1/4"
from the edge of the 9 patch. Do NOT sew the final 1/4".

Attach the top and side border.

Attach the final border being careful to ONLY sew it to the 9 patch block.

Finish sewing the remainder of the first border seam.
Finished block measures 22 1/2" square.

Complete three Block B units.

The top is finished with 2" sashing and a 3" border
and measures 74"x 50".

Baste the quilt to prepare for machine quilting.
Click here to see how I pin baste my quilts.

This quilt was finished with basic straight line quilting in the center
and free-motion quilting in the outer border.

If you end up using this pattern, please give credit back to this post.
You are welcome to post photos of your Modern I Spy quilt

If you would like to make an I Spy quilt or just begin collecting fabric...
sign up for the next swap begins soon!
Tentative plans for the next I Spy Swap will be Spring of 2012.

May you always Sew in Peace!


  1. This is beautiful - I love the modern feel of it & never would have guessed it was an I spy quilt! :o)

  2. Beautiful! And great way to make it modern!

  3. Very cute! I like your idea alot.

  4. This is so cleaver and I just love the quilting you did...thanks for sharing!!

  5. What a great tutorial. I'm a fairly new quilter and new blogger. I am a new follower too. I hope you will follow me back. Thanks!

  6. This is a really interesting I spy quilt too! Love how there are so many neat patterns for I spy quilts.

  7. This is a really interesting I spy quilt too! Love how there are so many neat patterns for I spy quilts.

  8. I really love this quilt! I am going to try this with the squares I get from the swap. :)


  9. I featured your blog and this quilt on my Facebook blog page and people loved it. I am going to try to paste the link so you can read all the lovely comments. You've inspired us all!https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=492986404123543&set=a.438593582896159.1073741828.438588429563341&type=1&theater&notif_t=photo_comment

  10. This is an amazing quilt idea. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to make one.

  11. That is beautiful fabric and you've made a gorgeous quilt with it. I love it when the fabric can do most of the work and you can make a simple block to showcase it.


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