Saturday, February 14, 2015

You Can Make a Difference

Did you know girls in many third world countries miss a week of
school each month because they lack access to feminine hygiene products?
 Handmade cloth feminine pads that are both washable and re-usable, 
can provide girls with dignity to continue their education.
A quality education is one of the few hopes these girls have
to rise above extreme poverty.

Since the earthquake of 2010, teams of medical volunteers have been traveling to Haiti
to conduct feminine hygiene education classes at the eight Christian schools
sponsored by Mission Possible. For the past two years, Sew*Quilt*Share
has been partnering with other churches and community organizations to
sew cloth feminine pads that can be assembled into "feminine hygiene kits"
for female students.

Along with basic hygiene information, 
each kit contains:
2 bars of soap, 3 pair of underwear,
100 ibuprofen tablets, 5 safety pins, and 10 cloth feminine pads.

By sharing the procedures our group uses to produce the cloth feminine pads, 
we hope to inspire others to sew for this wonderful cause.

100% cotton flannel is purchased and cut into one yard pieces.

100% cotton batting is purchased, usually by the roll, and cut into 
more manageable 8.5" strips.

Flannel and batting are placed into a gallon size ziploc bag
to form a "kit" that can easily be distributed. This is a great place
to plug in volunteers who lack sewing skills. Several life groups
in our church have met to cut pads as a service project.

The pad pattern is traced onto the flannel fabric and cut out.
The pattern can be found here.

The lining pattern is traced onto the cotton batting and cut.

A total of 20 flannel pieces and 40 cotton batting pieces (enough to make 10 pads) 
are placed back into the ziploc bag, along with a set of instructions
This forms a "sewing kit" which can easily be passed onto those
who will sew the pads together. 


Once the pads are sewn together they are packed into boxes 
and passed along with a prayer of blessing.

The boxes travel a few miles away to our friends at 

Pads from sewing groups like ours, are gathered throughout the year
and then assembled by volunteers into the feminine hygiene kits.

Here are a few of the kits ready for shipment to Haiti. 
Nice job ladies!

Once the feminine hygiene kits arrive in Haiti teams of medical volunteers 
conduct classes to help educate girls about menstrual cycles and proper body care. 
The kits provide girls with information and supplies that will enable them 
to attend school 45 more days each year. 
In 2014, over 5,000 cloth feminine pads were donated for this project. 

The hope is to expand the outreach allowing more girls
to receive a quality education and learn about the love of Jesus.

Please visit these links to learn how You Can Make a Difference!

May you always Sew in Peace!


  1. You are a blessing to these young girls. Our YW's group makes these kits for girls in Africa, where concealing the time of month/maturity it is is a safety issue.
    God bless the hands that make and the girls that receive.

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea!
    I would love to do the same for our group.
    Bless all the people behind this project.

  3. May God continue to bless you as you bless others!

  4. Thank you all! Blessing to you as well:)

  5. It is so nice to hear about these kind of efforts. Please keep up the great work!

  6. Are you still doing this project? I would love to get a group together. Please contact me at with a few more details (such as shipping and such and I would love to get involved.

    1. Hi, did you by any chance ever get that info? I would like to do this with my girl scout troop.

  7. I wonder if high-absorbent microfiber cloths would work better than batting? Like these:

    Also there is a reusable product called the "Diva Cup" or other silicone menstrual cups that could be distributed:

    Hope those ideas are helpful!

  8. I would love to know if you are still doing this? And if so can you contact me at I love sewing and am now making these for myself. Blessings Lisa

  9. i made these for our operation christmas child boxes last month. i would love to send hygiene kits. where do i send them?

    1. Completed pads and hygiene kits can be mailed to:

      c/o Gateway Church
      9555 County Road 9
      Findlay, OH 45840

  10. Hello, I am setting up a team to work on this project. Where are you sending the pads and how do you get them there? Do you have certain contacts in other countries? I am considering asking people who travel to take an extra bag and locating a school/orphanage or church to give them to. One of my concerns is that the pads are not being sold for profit once they leave our hands
    . How do you deal with this? Thanks so much for all you are doing.

    1. The pads our church collects are donated to Mission Possible located in Findlay, Ohio. Mission Possible ships the hygiene kits to Haiti and is in charge of distribution. Part of the beauty of this ministry is that a network is in place to provide education and medical care for the recipients.

  11. Hello Sandra,
    I would also like to help.
    I was wondering, do they have to be this exact design? May i do a similar concept with the same dimensions and materials?

  12. Hello, I would like to do this project too. I was wondering if I find it difficult to sew (I rarely sew but I'd like to try), could I cut the pieces out and put them in gallon sized bags like the blog said and send to you? My email is

  13. How absorbant is the cotton batting? No pul or waterproof item? Also, do you have to wash the batting before use? Will it absorb without washing? Clearly I'm new to this material. Thank you

  14. It looks like the pads have a snap or something on the pieces that fold in. Can you tell me what that is or send me more detailed instructions. I have a group that may be interested in doing some. Thanks

  15. Sandra, i just stumbled on your site and id love to make some all this info updated to now so as i dont send them to never never land?..

  16. I wish I could buy some of these to include in my Christmas shoeboxes!

  17. I would check with a Dr 2 c about the dyes in the fabric & whether it could possibly cause UITs 4 these young women. Just sayin'

  18. Is this still an open, ongoing project? I would like to start a group at my church to make these.

  19. Is this still an open, ongoing project? I would like to start a group at my church to make these.

  20. Are there any churches in Minnesota that are involved in this project? I am looking to participate.

    1. Our quilt group is making these to send to Africa. I am in Brainerd, MN. Let me know if you would like to send some to my group.

  21. Im a girl scout troop leader and i would like to have my girls participate in this project, i have other troops wanting to participate. Can you please email me measurements and detailed instructions to Thank you


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