Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Flower Wednesday - My Garden is Growing!

Well folks. It's Wednesday again!
Here is my progress for One Flower Wednesday.

Another two flowers closer to the finish line!

I have to confess that I started this project over a year ago.
I started out strong and had about 12 flowers made.
Then I decided I didn't like the fabric I'd chosen for the centers
and lost interest.
As the months went by I kept looking at those centers 
and wishing I'd chosen something else.

I finally decided to use shades of gold and brown thinking it would blend
 the best with the earth tone fabrics I am using. 
My plan is to make a new flower each week and hopefully
replace the center on an existing flower.

How did you decide on the color you are
using for the center of your flowers?


  1. Your hexies look lovely. Love the fabrics you've used.

  2. I could just look at your flowers all day! They are wonderful!

  3. Hi Sandra..Your flowers this week are looking lovely again...beautiful colours and fabrics...I did not set out with any paricular theme in mind...other than to use up some of my my colours are pretty random.,,but up to now, no two flowers are the same..Kate x

  4. Before we know it you will have a whole garden of these beauties and without any weeds :)


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