Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Spy Top 10 Fabrics

Sorry friends for the delay in posting.
 We made an unexpected trip out of town last week, then I came down with a flu bug
and so it goes...Sigh.

Just a few final details to wrap up on the I Spy Swap.
It has been so much fun seeing all the different fabrics that have been submitted to the swap.
Now it is time to decide on a winner for the

With imput from several of my friends and grandchildren,
 the list has been narrowed down to ten fabrics and although I know it is difficult....
would you kindly vote for one of the following 10 fabrics?

                         1.                           Colorful Crayons
Submitted by Babette.

                      2.                               Cupcakes                                                                 Submitted by Sharon at Camp Gramma.

                          3.                         Dalmation Dogs
Submitted by Amy at Lexington Quilter.

                         4.                           Wide-eyed Pigs
                                                               Submitted by Vickie.

                         5.                          Retro Car
Submitted by Cindy.

                         6.                  Which one is Nemo?
                                                Submitted by Patty.

                         7.                    Gardening items
                                                     submitted by Cassie at Birdo Love Moo

                         8.                           Snoozing Owls
                                                       Submitted by Cheri at jovaliquilts.

                         9.                    Primative zoo animals
                                               Submitted by Amy at Little Country Bumpkins.

                       10.                                 Apples
Submitted by Crystal at Henrixville.

One of the ten participants listed above will be the winner of the
Cutest Fabric Award

 and will receive a Barnyard Buddies charm pack by Amy Bradley
to add to their I Spy collection!

So here's the scoop on how to vote:
1.  Voting is open to all followers of this blog and/or members of the I Spy Swap.
                     2.   Please vote for only one fabric.
                     3.   Voting will remain open until midnight Friday, May 6th (EST)

So which fabric gets your vote?

May you always Sew in Peace:)


  1. I vote for Retro Car. It's definitely the cutest! :)


  2. Love the Retro Cars too! (Allison)

  3. I love the smiles on the Primitive Zoo Animals.

  4. I vote for #9, Primitive Zoo Animals, so cute.

    valekort at yahoo dot com

  5. I think they are all cute! I vote for the Primitive Zoo Animals.

  6. I vote for #8 Snoozing Owls.

  7. I vote for wide eyed pigs :)

  8. I vote for gardening tools. :)

  9. I love #2 so I am voting for the cupcakes!

  10. I vote for the dalmatian dogs -- adorable and remind me of the dear departed Pepper (Davis) from Green Cove Springs!

  11. The Retro Cars get my vote!

  12. Primative Zoo Animals gets my vote!

  13. My vote is for the wide eyed pigs.

  14. My favorite is the Snoozing Owls. So cute!


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