Friday, October 21, 2011

I Spy Mail Update

Check out these sweet fabrics that have just arrived for the 
I Spy Swap!

(To see a larger view of any of the fabrics simply click on the photo.)

Fabrics received from Melissa at That's Just Crafty.

Fabrics received from Chiska at Muddy Spring.

Fabrics received from Chiska at Muddy Spring.

Chiska also enclosed several extra squares of novelty fabrics
as a hostess gift. Thank you so much for your

Fabrics received from Julianna at Life after Hanswife.

Fabrics received from Patty.

Fabrics received from Laurie.

Fabrics received from Laurie.

Laurie also sent along quilters note pad as a hostess gift.
Thank you so much Laurie!

At this point we are just waiting on a few packages to arrive
before the swapping begins:)

In closing, keep in mind that tonight is the monthly Friday Night Sew In,
so gather up an unfinished project and plan to join us!

May you always Sew in Peace!


  1. Yeay!! Keep the fabrics coming. I really hope mine gets to you soon - they said it shouldn't take too long to cross the boarder.

  2. Hi Sandra! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment. When I first saw the crumb quilt at Jo's blog, I thought the same thing, that this looked like a crazy quilt. the process is to use up all the small bits and pieces (crumbs) in your stash...funny, mine only seemed to grow!! She posted about the different blocks each week and away we went! None of them are paper pieced. I guess they could be, but I don't think it made a difference. The border (for mine) is crumb blocks with hearts. Jo used Stars and other blocks in hers, and mine will have letter blocks to form two words. It really looks fantastic with the outer border in place. Hopefully I will get that done this week. This one has a story....and I will be sending to a family I have never met. Funny, how a quilt or in my case this one, turned out so different from when I started. That post will be next week, I am thinking....

  3. All the squares are fantastic. I can't wait to get my packet.

  4. Those are great prints -- I love the keys!

  5. So glad you got mine. You can thank my 3 year old for my prints...she picked out the giraffes, birds, and keys :)


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