Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two Peeks and a Tip

Let's think of something to do while we're waiting
on those final packages of I Spy fabric to arrive.

How about a sneak peak at the fabrics that have 
already been swapped?
There has been such a wonderful assortment of fabrics this round!
I can hardly wait to get these tables put away and begin sewing!

How about a sneak peak at my new sewing room?
This room has been a guest room the past few years
and sits empty most of the I'm taking over.
After a fresh coat of paint I will be ready to move in.
I'm so excited about getting settled in this space!

Finally, how about a tip?
I found these OttLite bulbs at Lowe's. I already use OttLites
for my close up work, but didn't know they make bulbs for regular lamps.
If you are unfamiliar with the OttLite brand, 
the light they produce is more like natural light which reduces eye strain.

To test it out, I replaced the two bulbs on the left with OttLites.
See the clear light that is cast on the left side of the ladder?
The two bulbs on the right are regular 60 watt ceiling fan bulbs.
OttLite bulbs are a bit pricey but I figure it will create less strain 
on my eyes and that alone is priceless as we age.

May you always Sew in Peace:)


  1. Your new sewing room looks fabulous... how exciting!

    I didn't know that OttLights made bulbs... I'll keep my eyes open the next time I'm at Lowes. All the new fancy bulbs are $$$... hope they really do last longer.

  2. Oh, you lucky ducky! I was looking forward to having my own sewing room, but then our daughter started her own business and needed an office! LOL I'd rather enjoy having her at home with us a while longer, and keep my little sewing corner! :) I have enjoyed seeing all the blocks coming in for the I Spy swap! Fun!

  3. Hi Sandra!
    A whole sewing room! how exciting and Love the color you chose for the walls!
    Yes, indeed great minds think a like
    Can't wait til I see all those pretty squares in my mail box :)
    Thank you again for organizing the swap

  4. thanks for the tips on the Ott bulbs...never knew!! Looking forward to getting my fabric squares...thanks in advance for all or your hard work for something fun!!

  5. Your own sewing room! Yay! I also didn't know that about Ott bulbs. It makes a big difference even in the picture!


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