Friday, February 10, 2012

Homeward Bound

Behind every unfinished quilt is a story waiting to be told.
The blocks for this UFO came from a block-of-the-month 
at a local quilt shop and have been sitting
 in the same box for about ten years.

The entire block-of-the-month program was a frustration.
Since the directions were poorly written,  
the blocks ended up as varying sizes.
I also hated the mixture of fabrics the shop owner selected.
In an attempt to salvage the project, 
as an inexperienced quilter I sewed narrow borders 
on several of the blocks to try to even them up.
The result was a whole bunch of ugly!

So at this point, 
not only did I hate the fabrics
but there was no unifying pattern to tie the blocks together.

My older and wiser self decided 
 it was time to conquer this UFO!
The first thing I did was tear off many of the narrow borders 
and re-frame each block in navy to tie all the blocks together.
Each block was then squared up to 12" to hide all the varying sizes.
Ah! That's much better!

To complete the top, a two inch strip of Kona snow was used for sashing
and a narrow, scrappy border was added in the outer border.
Finished size of the top is 62" x 75".

Here is a close up of a few of my favorite blocks.

This former unwanted and unloved UFO 
is now moving on to bigger and better things!
It has been lovingly named "Homeward Bound"
and will be donated to the Quilts of Valor organization. 
Special thanks to Alycia who has generously volunteered to 
machine quilt this!

Do you have any UFO's waiting to be finished?

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  1. I think it turned out so pretty after its rocky beginning! :o)

  2. The navy border really does put it all together. I like it.

  3. Wow... from a sow's ear to a silk purse! Great job!

  4. Great save! Isn't it great getting older and wiser?!

  5. Bravo! Bravo! and I LOVE the name. So appropriate for it's destination and new owner.
    - fellow QOV'er

  6. What a difference the navy made. Great job!

  7. It looks terrific now: the navy and setting the blocks apart with white sashing - those really worked.

  8. And conquer it you did! Not surprising though as your work is always immaculate. It is awesome how you brought it all together and what a great cause it is going to. Very nice!

  9. Very nice, Sandra! It's amazing how a little time, distance, and experience can take something from yuck to wow!!! Whoop whoop!!!

  10. Love the story - but LOVE the finish. The borders really make it sparkle!! Great job!

  11. Fantastic save! Glad you perservered and conquered the uglies :)

  12. This fabrics look awesome.Colorful strips designs are so wonderful.Color combination are so creative.

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  13. A great story behind your UFO it ceratinly turned out great! Sometimes we forget how much we have learnt but this project shows your increased knowledge. Glad your early (bad) experience of patchwork didn't put you off.

  14. beautiful! congrats on the wonderful finish (and it feels really great, too, doesn't it?)

  15. It really amazing designs on the fabrics.Layout and colour combinations are really extra ordinary creations.Such a knowledgeable project.

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