Saturday, July 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning Continued...

It was another month of focusing on Spring cleaning 
at our April Sew*Quilt*Share meeting.
In addition to trying to sew up all the kits we have on hand, 
we tested out a new table set up that I would like to share.
In the past we simply put two lines of tables down
 the center of our long, narrow room.  
However it was time consuming to walk 
all the way around the tables 
and hey...
we need to make the most of our time! lol

This is the table arrangement we came up with.
By setting the tables in this pattern, it creates a workspace
to the left of each sewing machine. It also enables 
those sewing to easily communicate with each other.

Extension cords were taped down under the tables to
prevent potential safety issues.

Irons, ironing boards, and cutting tables were located 
around the perimeter of the room making it easier
for a large number of people to move throughout the area.
Hopefully this arrangement will enable our group 
to make the most of our time and allow us to be more intimately connected:) 

So let's check out those projects!

Some projects were in the planning stages.

Some projects were well on their way...

...and some projects were almost completed!

Click on the box below to view more photos from our April meeting!

If you are unable to view the slideshow, click here and you will be
taken to an online photo album .

May you always Sew in Peace!

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