Monday, February 29, 2016

Sew*Quilt*Share October Meeting

Today I thought it might be helpful to share a few details of what happens before of our regular sewing meeting each month. As is the case in most organizations, in order for meetings to run smoothly someone needs to invest time in preparation.

Our sewing group is blessed to receive funding from the mission board of our local church, since all of our projects are designed to be an outreach to those in need. Even with this financial blessing, it still takes a great deal of time to choose a pattern, shop for coordinating fabrics, and cut and organize all the fabric into kits.

Once a pattern is selected, several members of our group gather to cut the fabric. 
It is somewhat boring to cut continuously for several hours, but the fellowship is sweet:)

Once the fabric and batting is cut for the project..

...all the pieces are placed in a jumbo plastic bag along with the instructions.

When members arrive, there is usually a short demonstration on how
to put the quilt together. It has been helpful for the beginning sewers to combine instruction 
along with our time of fellowship. In fact, many women in our group made their
first quilt during our monthly meetings!

Once the ladies choose a packet of fabric, they can simply begin to sew.
This eliminates a lot of frustration for and also
makes our time of sewing more productive.

Women often gather in clusters to help and encourage each other. appears there is only one pair of hands in this photo. lol

Our project for this month was the Strippy Flannel Baby Quilt
which is a group favorite. You can download the free pattern by clicking 
on the link above or by clicking on the photo in the sidebar to your right.

This project sews up quickly and there is no major quilting...
just snipping to finish off the edges!

October Sew*Quilt*Share meeting.

May you always Sew in Peace!

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