Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vintage Tin Liner

When I was a little girl, I was blessed to grow up on a farm
down the road from my grandparents.
She was a homemaker, skilled seamstress, and had
compassion for those around her.
Looking back, it seems every time I stopped to see her
she would say, "Let me show you what I'm working on."
and would pull out her latest project to show me.
Perhaps those moments of sharing have influenced
me more than I know. Perhaps she could see my desire to learn.
It definitely created a bond between us.

This vintage tin was where she kept her embroidery floss.
When I was old enough to handle a needle, she taught me to
embroider, beginning with simple projects.
This little doily is the first thing I made.

I do not remember my age, but I was in elementary school.
Can you tell by looking at the back? LOL

So...on to the tin liner. First, trace a line around
the circumference of the tin itself.

Choose a piece of fabric large enough for the size of your tin.
(I pieced together vintage fabric from my treasure box.)

Make a sandwich with muslin on the bottom,
a layer of quilt batting, then the vintage fabric on top.
Pin together with safety pins.

Using painter's tape, I stitched a straight line
 across the length of the fabric.

Then using the painter's tape as a guide, stitch lines
across the entire fabric.

This is a photo of the muslin on the back of the quilted fabric.

After cutting out a second circle,
 put the layers right sides together and sew around the edge
 leaving a small opening.

Pull the fabric right side out through the
opening and press the edges.

Whip stitch the opening, then machine stitch
around the outer edge.

By following these simple steps, you can make a simple
liner for a vintage tin. Before anyone asks...can you guess
what I just bought?
Here's a hint....it goes with the contents of the tin!


  1. Hmmmm. Did you get a featherweight?

  2. what a beautiful tin and such wonderful memories

    great idea to have a nice little liner in the base of it


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