Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vintage Treasure Box

One of the added benefits of cleaning your sewing room
is finding things you have forgotten about. This box
was given to me years ago by my grandmother. 
It is filled with unfinished projects
 from her childhood.

There are various scraps of vintage fabrics...

and blocks that she pieced together as a young girl...

...most of them by hand. I remember her telling me a
story about how the women in the neighborhood would
gather together for sewing bees.
They would meet in homes and do some type of hand sewing
 in their laps.  As they worked, one particular young girl
was bragging about her sewing skills  and was really
 getting on everyone's nerves.
At the end of the event, when they all stood up to leave,
she had sewed her project to her dress!

This is my favorite block.

I love the kitten in the center block. It appears to be winking.

There are several projects that have been started
but not completed like this nine patch...

...and this dresden plate...

..and this crazy quilt.

Some fabrics are already cut into blocks... these hexagons...

...and squares in various sizes.

For the moment, my intentions are to actually use the fabrics
in various small projects that I can pass on to my children
 and grandchildren. These fabrics would make such
cute little doll quilts or small wall hangings.
What suggestions do you have for these vintage fabrics?


  1. What delightful treasures you have in that box .... have fun playing with them ...

  2. There are so many different projects you could do from a quilt to a small wall hanging. Let me know if you need help.

    Happy Quilting!

  3. yes I would make little quilts with them

    very cute fabrics....


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