Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why Cats Need Nine Lives


Over the weekend my husband and I did some
major outdoor cleaning.

Everything was removed from the porch so it could
be washed down.

Tabby became curious and got herself into trouble.

She then had the nerve to have a bad attitude about me
taking photos while she "suffered".

The funniest thing, was that she had a pine needle
 from our evergreen trees hanging on her mouth.
I think it looks like a!
With an attitude like this it's good she has eight lives left.

May you always Sew in Peace!


  1. Your gorgeous puss looks so sad. Funny, cats always seem to get temselves in silly spots. Sure does look like she has a toothpick. :)

  2. I think Tabby found a nice hiding place as long as she can get out herself! Dean's finish harvesting corn :) He only has double crop beans to harvest, which aren't ready yet. (Double crop beans are planted after the wheat harvest in July.)

  3. Cute pics, it amazes me the places cats decide to hang out!

  4. Cute! We have a cat too! Miss Abbie she can get in the oddest places also! But she is a "Princess" so she thinks she can get away with anything or hiding spot! Thanks for sharing, Carolyn :)

  5. Very cute, but not very happy! My sisters cat got himself up in the rafters and couldn't get down, so I went up the ladder to get him, but he would not let me pull him down, then I saw a roast pan on the shelf and held it up to him and he climbed in for the ride down!


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