Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Spy Swap Basics

I'm hosting an online I Spy Swap!
Here are the basic details...

You will need 3 different fabrics - 1 yard of each.
Machine wash and dry fabrics.

With fabric folded and selvage edges even,
trim off the selvage edge and cut into rows 5" each.

Measure 5" in the opposite direction and cut fabric to make a 5" square.
Be careful to maximize the design on your fabric.
Cut 40 squares of each of the three fabrics. 

This fabric features teddy bears. Notice the size of
the bears. They will still be intact after the seems of
a quilt are sewn. I also like this fabric because
it has other objects in in.

My second choice was this fabric with sewing machines.
How fun is this? There are also smaller objects like
spools of thread, scissors, and pin cushions. Fun!

My third choice has insects...and worms!

After you have cut 40 squares of each fabric
simply place them in a small plastic bag.

Inside one of the plastic bags include YOUR name and
address in case the package gets lost in shipping.
 (Let's cross our fingers on that not happening...)

Place the 3 packages of fabric into a large envelope
which includes
*an additional envelope with
with your name, address, and prepaid return postage.

Once I receive all the fabrics I will "swap" them and
return 120 different squares to you.
You should have enough squares to make several
interesting children's quilts.

If you would like to join the swap, here is the post to sign up.

Finally, be sure to grab the I Spy Swap
button on my sidebar so you can
link back to this site.

May you always Sew in Peace!


  1. This is my 1st time to your blog and I like it! I can't do the I spy swap at this time (just too much going on!) I think I'll try the 15 min timer. It might be funa AND I might finish something I'm haveing a hard time completing.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    I am getting ready to mail my squares. I was wondering how it will work if there aren't enough people? Thanks, Jo Anna


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