Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anyone interested?

Last fall I participated in an online I Spy Swap
and as a result, I received a wonderful variety
of novelty prints.  To date, I have made three I Spy quilts
for some of my favorite little ones and now my stash
 is running low. Therefore, I must confess my
motives in hosting this swap are purely selfish.

If you are unfamiliar with I Spy quilts, basically they
are created using a variety of novelty blocks.
Children can then "spy" the different objects that
are located in the fabric. I spy a green car.
Can you find it?

For this swap, we will be exchanging 5" squares only.
No sewing is involved.
 I will serve as hostess.
 Each person will send their squares to me.
As soon as I receive each package of fabric
I will post photos. Hopefully we will not duplicate patterns.
 I will organize and return the swapped fabrics
 to each participant.
Each member will receive the same assortment of fabrics.

So for those interested...
here are the "official guidelines" for this swap.
  • You must have a blog or flickr account to participate...unless I personally know you. This will enable us as a group to stay in touch. The swap is now open to non-bloggers and non-flickr account holders.
  • Purchase 3 different novelty prints - 1 yard each . Please choose only quilt shop quality fabrics! No discount store fabrics, licensed, or team prints. Try to find unusual prints and keep in mind that small patterns/objects work best. For this swap we are looking for fabrics with objects not traditional floral prints.
  • Prewash fabrics. Cut 40 - 5" squares out of each 1 yard piece being careful to maximize the designs in your fabrics.
  • Place the 120 - 5" squares in a plastic bag. Inside the plastic bag include your name and address.
  • Purchase two large envelopes. Address one envelope to me ( I will e-mail you my address when I confirm swap participation). Address the second envelope to yourself. Your swapped fabrics will be returned in the second envelope.
  • For swappers in the states: bring everything to the post office and have it weighed with the second envelope inside the first. Place identical postage on the second envelope with stamps only. Do not use metered mail.
  • For international swappers: bring everything to the post office and have it weighed with the second envelope inside the first. You will need to do some research to accurately calculate return postage from the USA. Perhaps this link will help you determine the cost.
  • Mailing deadline is  Friday, March 31st  Friday, April 15th. Within one week of receiving all the fabrics, I will get the squares sorted and dropped back in the mail to you. Please be sure you can meet the deadline before you sign up! 
  • If you would like to enter more than once, just sign your name twice, and submit six different fabrics.
  • I am looking for a  group total  of 40, so basically the first 40 with blogs or flickr accounts are in.
May you always Sew in Peace!


  1. This sounds like fun. I'd like to be included.

  2. I would love to participate but the schedule is too tight. Perhaps if you would do this after the first of the year again.

  3. I would love to be included! I just recently started blogging so mine is a WIP. Will this be a problem?

  4. Katie, I could not reply to your e-mail. You will need to open up the blogger dashboard and click on the "edit user profile" tab. Under the identity section there is a box where you can type your e-mail address. This will enable me to reply. Let me know if you have problems and I'll try to help:)

  5. I am super excited! Count me in!


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