Thursday, October 6, 2011

Swap Basics

Let's face it. 
When we participate in a swap we all want to receive value for our efforts.
Fellow swappers feel the same way so only submit fabric that you would be pleased to receive.
In fact, let's think of this as the...

Golden Rule of Swapping.
"Swap with others, 
as you would have others swap with you."

It helps when everyone is on the same page so let's look
at the guidelines for this fabric swap.

                                                *  Choose appropriate fabric
                                                *  Cut fabric carefully
                                                *  Package correctly
                                                *  Mail on time

Choose Appropriate Fabric
Only submit 100% cotton, "quilt shop" quality fabric. 
If you have any doubt on the quality hold the fabric up to a window. 
If you can see through the fabric...
please do not enter it in this swap or it will be returned to you...unswapped.

Look for items that children will easily recognize, have plenty of color,
and can fit within a 5" square. 
Do not submit license prints, team prints, or flowers.

To give you an idea of what we are looking for
these are a few of the fabrics I will be swapping for this round.

Cut Fabric Carefully
You will need 3 different fabrics - 1 yard of each.
a mixture of fat quarters.

Machine wash and dry fabrics.

With fabric folded and selvage edges even,
trim off the selvage edge.

This is an important step.
No one wants to receive a selvedge as part of their square.

Be careful to maximize the design on your fabric.
Cut 40 squares of each of the three fabrics.

Depending on the pattern and width of the fabric you may have squares left over.

Squares need to be cut 5"x 5".
Cut a total of 120 squares.

Package Correctly

After you have cut your fabric
 place 40 squares into 3 separate plastic bags.

Inside one of the plastic bags include YOUR name and
address in case the package gets lost in shipping.
 (Let's cross our fingers on that not happening...)

Place the 3 packages of fabric into a large envelope
which includes
*an additional envelope with
with your name, address, and prepaid return postage.

Mail on Time
Please have all packages in the mail by Saturday, October 15th.
As an added incentive...
every participant who mails their fabrics to me
with a post mark of October 15 (or earlier)
will automatically be entered in a drawing (the kitty)
to receive an additional 
40 Squares of  I Spy fabric!

That's like a 
free charm pack!

Once I receive all the fabrics I will "swap" them and
return 120 different squares to you.
My goal is to get the swapped fabric back to you the week of October 25th.
You should have enough squares to make several
interesting children's quilts.

If you would like to join the swap spaces are still available!

We would love to have you join us!

May you always Sew in Peace


  1. I can't join the swap this time but I like your Golden Rule!

  2. Thank you for the info! I bought my fabric last night and will wash and cut it up this weekend to have it in the mail for Monday!! Can't wait to see all the fabrics that everyone has. Thank you again.

  3. I'm getting my squares ready -- thanks for the detailed instructions on how to do this...I would not want to disappoint anyone, nor do I want to make you pay postage or be inconvenienced! Looking forward to my package!

  4. will get fabric on Tuesday and hopefully mail on Wednesday

  5. I've been swapping 4" charms in various swaps. I've followed your blog so that I can hopefully get in on the next swap.


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