Saturday, December 29, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge Update

Just under the wire to call this quilt a finish for 2012!

I began the process by basting the quilt together.
You can see the method I use to baste quilts here.

December's Free Motion Quilting Challenge featured several
different border patterns and was taught by Patsy Thompson.
I have several of Patsy's quilting DVD's and enjoy her style of teaching.
The secret to her method is to break down the project into manageable parts.

Following her instructions, as you can see in the above photo, I made
tick marks along the border at 1/2" increments to keep my quilting balanced.
(Be sure to use a disappearing ink or water-soluble pen.)

Once the tick marks were in place, the machine quilting
was easier than I anticipated and each border row was
quilted without incident.

Even though it is difficult to tell, there are feathers quilted
in the green border. The thread I chose and the print in the fabric
make them a bit difficult to see....but they are there. Really they are! lol
In some ways, it was a bit freeing because I wasn't paranoid about 
making mistakes since the feathers were not quite so visible.

A peek at the back.

In conclusion, Patsy was right when she said, "It looks complicated, but you can do this!"
The top was made using my scrappy postage stamp quilt tutorial
and measures 50"x57".

Check out the other finishes this week at

May you always Sew in Peace!


  1. Hi Sandra, I think you did a beautiful job and I was able to make out the feathered border even before you pointed it out. ;) I'm a little envious of so many quilters out there experimenting (successfully) with FMQ. All my efforts have ended in frustration. But it's a new year so maybe it'll be better the next time I try. Anyway, your work is always high quality!!

  2. That looks so pretty. I love the quilting loops in that border. Very nice finish.

  3. Very nice quilting! I think I may give some of your designs a try on my next quilt - it's always fun to try out new things! Whoop whoop!!

  4. Lovely quilt, and your borders are beautifully done. I especially love your flowing swirls in the row of squares between the narrow blue borders. So nice!

  5. From what I can see of your feathers, they look very pretty!

  6. Your quilting looks amazing! Such a pretty look it makes. I'm in awe!!

  7. Hi Sandi! Your quilting looks great! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Beautiful quilting! Just found your lovely blog through Sew Darn Crafty. Maggie xx

  9. Gorgeous quilt and quilting. You did a fantastic job. Absolutely inspirational.



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