Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Work in Progress

Here is a peek at one of the quilts I hope to finish this month.
It is a twin size nine patch that still needs the outer border.
This project and I have been "frenemies" for a very long time.

The quilt top actually started out looking like the above photo.
It was given to me over 25 years ago by my Grandmother.
She had made it for a family member as a wedding gift.
When she showed it to them, they did not like it.  
Then Grandma didn't have the heart to finish it, and gave it to me.
It  sat in a dresser drawer at my house for the next 25 years.
Every so often, I would pull it out and look at it, 
but I could never quite decide what to do with it.

Part of the dilema was that I didn't like the dark blue sashing either.
In my opinion it made the quilt feel somewhat oppressive.
Grandma also made this quilt late in life when her eyesight had begun to fail her.
Notice the uneven seams? 
As an inexperienced quilter, 
I could not figure how to quilt something with such uneven seams. guessed it. I tore the quilt totally apart, evened up
all the blocks, and purchased some additional fabric,.

Once all the blocks were laid out, I decided there were
enough blocks to make two twin size quilts.
Perfect for the guest room where the grandkids sleep over:)

Lighter sashing fabric was then added to blocks and 
two twin sized quilts were constructed.

Ahh! That's more like it. Bright and cheerful:)

Today I was able to purchase the fabric for the outer borders and
began auditioning various machine quilting patterns.

One of my personal goals for 2013 is to expand my machine quilting skills.
I have come the conclusion that it will not happen without practice.

Hopefully I will end up with two lovely quilts Grandma 
would be proud of, 
and the "frenemy" quilt will finally be loved:)

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  1. Aww, that's kind of sad they didn't like her quilt gift. I liked it the way she had it but I also think your sashing change really brightened it up. So glad you're finishing it!

  2. I love the combination of different blues in this piece. It's wonderful to see a such a long-standing UFO get a second chance at completion.

  3. It's amazing how changing the slashing makes such a huge difference.

    Welcome aboard the Year of the Finished Project -- good to have you!

  4. The lighter sashing really makes those blues shine. It is sad that she was so discouraged that she couldn't finish the quilt. It's good that you are.

  5. What a wonderful project to be using those lovely blue 9-patch blocks! I'm sure your grandmother would be happy to know that her great-great-grandchildren are sleeping under the blocks she made!!!

  6. I like the lighter borders too. It seems to open up the design. Those will be fun to have for the grandchildren's beds.

  7. I also like the lighter border. The quilting will be incredible with the templates you have.

  8. A wonderful way to recycle a legacy from your grandmother. The lighter border is much better. Both will be great.

  9. What a work of love. I can't wait to watch the progress.

  10. Wow, I can't believe someone would say they didn't like a gift of love. What a terrific legacy for your grandchildren, though, and a beautiful way to honour your grandmother.

  11. This is cool that you're getting to repurpose your grandmother's work. :)

  12. Whoop whoop for working on finishing up those LONG-standing UFOs!

  13. VERY pretty blue-greys, they are peaceful and pretty. What a nice feeling to work with handworks from your grandmother. =)


  14. Much better with the lighter sashing. It is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  15. I can definitely understand why your grandmother didn't finish the quilt after the intended receivers rejected it. That must have been very painful. It will be wonderful to finish her project for your grandchildren to sleep under.

  16. I like the original one, too, but making it into two brighter quilts is a great idea. Good luck on your January finish!

  17. Impressive that you re did them! I love the quilting designs you are auditioning!!

  18. YES she would be...more pics when you finish the border feathers!!

  19. Great looking project! Your feathers are looking great!

  20. Can't wait to see you progress in January. Hope its going well.

  21. So pretty!

    Also I'm hosting an I spy swap on my blog if you or any of your readers would like to participate! : )

  22. Sandra - love what you're doing with your hand-me-down. How wonderful it will be when it's finished.

    BTW - many of the comments seem to wave red flags at me - perhaps you need to "moderate" your comments. Or not allow anonymous commentors? No doubt most of those web links are bogus and virus-laden.


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