Saturday, June 1, 2019

Fall 2018

I'm happy to share that boxes of cloth feminine pads 
 continue to arrive at Gateway Church!
Words cannot express our thanks to all who so generously 
give of their time and resources. If you are unfamiliar with the
cloth feminine pad project, you can learn more about it here.

 It has been quite a while since I've taken time to update
the blog but wanted to give you an opportunity 
to share in the blessing of these gifts.
 This post covers all packages received between 

September 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

The Waxhaw Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 
located in Waxhaw, NC sent this box of pads!

An anonymous donor from Tulsa, OK sent this gift of pads!

This gift was sent by JoAnn from Fort Collins, Colorado.
We received 3 boxes totaling 256 pads! Thank you!

An anonymous donor from Spicer, MN sent this gift of pads, underwear and soap:)

Kelly from Knoxville, TN sent these cheerful pads, underwear, and hygiene bags!

Marty from Rochester, NY sent this gift of pads and also included a
package of underwear

Brenda from Abilene, TX sent this gift of 60 pads.
She used the same pattern but folded the pads into a neat
little package:)

All Saints Episicpole Church from Omaha, NE sent these
lovely pads!

Denise from West Allis, Wisconsin sent these kits filled with
feminine hygiene supplies:)

 Angie, Amber, and Wylie from Arizona, worked together
to make these pads! Thank you!

An anonymous donor in Rutherford, NJ sent this gift!

Mel from Pine Grove, California sent these colorful pads!

A member of the John Knox Presbyterian Women located 
in the great state of Iowa sent this gift!

Phyllis from Pensacola, Florida sent these pads!
Thank you!

An anonymous donor from Phillipsburg, Kansas
sent these pads!

St. Paul's United Methodist Women's Group from Duncan, OK
sent this gift of 94 pads!

Emily from Long Pond, Pennsylvania
sent these pads!

Buffalo Ridge Ward Relief Society from Cheyenne, WY
sent this gift of pads!

Joanne from Huntington Beach, CA sent a gift of 35 pads!

Ladies of the First Lutheran Church
Bemus Point, NY
sent a gift of 66 pads and 8 bags!

Dixie from Edgefield, SC sent this gift of pads
and underwear!

Kay from Fairhope, AL sent these completed kits!

A gift of 24 hygiene kits as a join effort of the United Methodist Women
from the Lake County District located in Durant, Holdenville, and Wetumka Oklahoma.
This group has decided to offer their ongoing support of this project. Thank you!!!

The sewing ladies of Eastside Baptist Church
from Henderson, TX sent this gift of pads!

Marlene from Cheyenne, Wyoming sent this gift of 30 pads!

Kimberly from Hadley, Minnesota sent these pads!

Delinda from Seguin, Texas sent these colorful pads!

Wellington Methodist Church in Telford,
England sent a variety of supplies!

This gift of pads and hygiene bags is from Norma in Lebanon, TN:)

Misti sent these colorful pads along with an encouraging note.
Thank you!

Linda from Anderson, South Carolina sent these pads!

These pads were made at the Sew Quilt Share November meeting:)

This gift of cotton batting was sent by the Creative Hearts Ministry
located in Marble Falls, Texas.
Thank you ladies!

An anonymous donor sent this gift of 75 lovely pads!

Heather from Kylertown, Pennsylvania sent these beautifully sewn pads!!

Marty Lynn from Rochester, New York sent this donation of
cloth pads, underwear and soap. Thank you so much!!

First Baptist Church Women on Mission, located in
Hazelhurst, MS sent 20 complete hygiene kits!

JoAnn from Sugarcreek, Ohio sent this gift of 200 pads!
She loves to sew and has a beautiful heart of service.

These gifts are greatly appreciated and 
provide a life changing opportunity to each girl who receives a set of pads. 
Each cloth feminine pads has been donated to Mission Possible to 
help with their outreach to students in the rural areas of Haiti.

Please visit these links to learn how your gift of 12 (or more) 
cloth feminine pads can make a difference:

May you always Sew in Peace!

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