Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Pad Donations Fall 2019


This post covers all packages received by 
Sew Quilt Share between 

September 6, 2019 - December 31, 2019

If you are unfamiliar with the
cloth feminine pad project, you can learn more about it here.

We were delighted to receive this donation from a 
group of young women ages 11-18 
from the Leesburg, Florida Stake of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Wow! Thank you!

This gift of cloth pads and underwear were sent by the "Sew Sisters"
from Marquette County in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. They are
a group of 15-20 women who gather monthly to enjoy their love of sewing
and helping others. We thank you for you generous gift!

Judy from Greenville, Wisconsin sent these well made pads.
Our group accepts different styles of pads which will
most likely be used to assist women who need 
medical attention rather than in the school setting:)

An anonymous donor sent these cute pads all folded
up in neat, little bundles.
Thank you!

An anonymous local good samaritan dropped these pads off.
Thank you sweet friend!

Mountain Top Homemakers in Russellville, Alabama sent
this donation of 128 cloth feminine pads. 
Thank you ladies!

Joann from Fort Collins, Colorado sent these 
colorful pads!

This donation of cloth pads and underwear was sent by 
Liesl from Atwater, Ohio.
Thank you so much!!

We were delighted to receive this gift of pads from
the youth and ladies of Lumberport Baptist Church
located in Lumberport, West Virginia. The group plans
to take this on as an ongoing ministry project!
Thank you for your generosity!

Elizabeth from Hampton, Virginia sent this donation
of 43 cloth feminine pads!

This gift of beautifully sewn pads was sent by 
Julie from Spokane, Washington.
Thank you Julie!

Cheryl from Taylor Mill, Kentucky sent this donation of pads!
Love those beautiful fabrics!

This gift of pads was sent by the WINGS ladies group from 
The Anointed Church of the Living God, 
located in Helenwood, Tennessee. 
Thank you ladies! 

Heather from Kylertown, Pennsylvania sent
these colorful pads!
Thank you for your continued support!

Mary from Newnan, Georgia sent this gift of cloth
feminine pads!
We appreciate you thoughtfulness:)

This donation of 44 pads was sent by Paula from Columbia, Missouri.
Thank you Paula!

An anonymous donor from Tulsa, Oklahoma sent these pads!

These pads were sent by our friends at Eastside Baptist Church
in Henderson, Texas. We thank you for your continued support!

Cheryl from Hagerstown, Maryland sent this donation of pads!
Love those beautiful fabrics!
We were delighted to receive this donation from
Andrea from Naperville, Illinois. In addition to
cloth feminine pads, she included flannel fabric 
and several pair of underwear. Thank you!

These gifts are greatly appreciated and 
provide a life changing opportunity to each girl who receives a set of pads. 
These feminine pads will be donated to Mission Possible to 
help with their outreach to students in the rural areas of Haiti. 
In the event that donations exceed the need, 
excess pads will be donated to similar faith-based outreaches.

Please visit these links to learn how your gift of 12 (or more) 
cloth feminine pads can make a difference:

May you always Sew in Peace!

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